Kudos Suite

- Reward User Adoption, Measure Performance and Increase Productivity. for IBM® Connections

Got Connections? Get Kudos.

“Kudos Is The Critical Missing Element To IBM Connections User Adoption. It’s The Disruptive Innovation That IBM Should Have Built Into Connections”
— Bruce Elgort, Belsoft


The Kudos Suite is designed, refined and has proven to dramatically increase the value obtained by organisations investing in IBM Connections. From the original reward and recognition engine, Badges, to Analytics tools, Kudos has accelerated the sustain adoption of Connections across the workplace.

Kudos is available as individual components or a package suite from Australian IBM Platinum Business Partner; ISW. For more information, visit 


Nothing beats collaborative teamwork to get projects done on time and on budget.
That’s why your Connections environment can now be turbocharged for projects with Kudos Boards; the visually fun, rewarding and real-time Kanban, sticky-note approach to collaborative teamwork!

Intuitive to learn and easy to master, Kudos Boards brings visual collaboration and team projects to IBM Connections.


Kudos Badges can transform and accelerate your organisation’s usage of IBM Connections by encouraging users to leverage the full benefits of a social enterprise. Built as a flexible reward and recognition engine, your employees will adopt IBM Connections faster by  providing achievements and rewards, ranks, a leaderboard as well as simple next steps to ensure their profile is relevant and work accessible.


Introducing an ideation space where peers can raise, review and vote on ideas across the workplace – whether for management, project, marketing, human resources or even team building activities, Kudos Ideas empowers colleagues to think proactively and creatively about their workflow.


Measuring the productivity gains of IBM Connections is critical. Kudos Analytics is a light weight analytics and reporting tool focused on user adoption. In order to improve adoption of IBM Connections it is essential to understand what your users usage patterns are. How many users are actually using Connections? Which features are they leveraging? Importantly which are they not using? Having this knowledge means that you can optimise Kudos Badges and your adoption strategies to target the areas that need extra attention.


Creating a positive, rewarding culture is essential in today's workplace. Kudos Awards & Kudos Thanks have been designed to enable Social Recognition of the great work among your employees, so that the positive benefits of their achievement can proliferate across the organisation; driving more great work.

RELATED SERVICES: the Kudos Suite is designed for IBM Connections. ISW are fully-certified  to manage licencing and implementation of Connections.