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Start your software engines with ISW Ignition!

Have you found a product that can solve real problems in your organisation, but are struggling to justify the costs without the certainty of success? Or do you not have the resources to set up a proof of concept to run correctly and provide a thorough insight into the software capabilities?

ISW Ignition is a full-featured proof of concept program to help our customers evaluate a range of leading business platforms. At ISW, we understand that engaging in a new business process is often met with significant organisational barriers and stresses, such as:

  • Lack of infrastructure or servers to host a proof of concept.
  • Limited resources available to support a proof of concept for a proper evaluation
  • Poorly configured trial servers that lead to dissatisfied users
  • High costs and delays in gaining approvals to perform a proof of concept
  • Potentially steep learning curves
  • Evaluations that never quite ignite, because there isn't the time to get a full featured demo running.

Grab your keys!

Imagine getting to test drive full feature software programs within your business for a month or two, with minimal costs and maximum assistance from an experienced support team. ISW offers a suite of Ignition packages for the following software:

For more information please contact your nearest ISW office.