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iCare is your managed services solution for complete IT peace of mind.
— IBM Champion Adam Brown

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Package Options
Active Monitoring
Response Times/Service Levels

iCare is our Pre-Paid Support Agreement, allowing customers to purchase a block of service hours upfront which provides direct access to our resources within a defined service level, all at a heavy discount. 

iCare eliminates the need to raise separate purchase orders or to process monthly invoices for each task, whilst it provides customers complete visibility and flexibility with a detailed monthly report of time spent and available balance.

iCare is available in three volume/discount block of hours;

  • Platinum (200 hours),
  • Gold (100 hours) and
  • Silver (60 hours)

By choosing the package that best suits their needs, pro-active customers can achieve significant cost value savings.



Clients often purchase different blocks of iCare to support different purposes. Whether to provide pro-active and ongoing support with active monitoring and problem resolution; access to development and software engineering resources, consulting on demand or to provide infrastructure administration and deployment/upgrade resources, iCare hours can be put to work. Your ISW Account Management team will help identify areas that can be pro-actively improved and provide guidance on how to add further value.


iCare is available for purchase in 60hr, 100hr, or 200hr blocks. The base contract rate is discounted with a purchase of a larger block of hours. Whilst ISW reserves the right to change pricing for iCare at any time, price changes have no effect on previously purchased hours, thus providing a hedge against price increases.  Unused iCare hours do not expire.


External Monitoring

As part of our iCare Support agreements ISW is able to provide Active External Monitoring for systems that can be access via HTTP/HTTPS, Ping, TCP, UDP, DNS, SMTP, POP3, or IMAP. This can be simple monitoring of specified applications for availability, or alternatively can be more advanced monitoring scripts that validate functional availability of applications.

When monitoring events occur ISW engineers will be notified, able to respond to review the event and if necessary notify customers to take remedial actions. Depending on the exact requirements external monitoring is simply charged to your iCare agreement on a monthly basis and can be as inexpensive as effectively ½ hr of support/month, ranging up to a few hours.

Internal Monitoring

ISW is also able to review the existing internal monitoring facilities in place to ensure they are optimised to correctly monitor availability of systems and applications that are not accessible externally.



iCare response time is based on a Priority system, which you can specify when you log a request: 

  • Priority 1 Response: (Server/ Network / Application down, multiple users affected) - on receipt of a request you will receive a telephone response within 1 hour.  An engineer is allocated within 4 business hours or sooner. 
  • Priority 2 Response: (Application / Workstation or major system down, single user affected) - on receipt of a request you will receive a telephone response within 2 hours.  An engineer is allocated within 8 business hours.
  • Priority 3 Response: (Minor errors, alternative arrangements can be made until engineer is available). - on receipt of a request you will receive a telephone response within 8 hours.  An engineer is allocated within 16 business hours and the task scheduled.

For reliability, logging calls by telephone is preferable either directly with your allocated Software/System Engineers or your Account Manager; however calls can also be logged by email.  Minimum response times are not guaranteed for calls logged by email.


iCare is designed as a normal business hours service.  You request support at any time between 8.30am and 5:30pm (EST) Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Out of hours work can be done with prior arrangement, however a surcharge will apply. Where Active Monitoring is in place ISW will provide best effort to respond out of hours where possible.


ISW operates database itemising exactly how your iCare time has been used.  You will receive a monthly reconciliation statement showing exactly when hours have been used during the preceding month and how many hours you have left in balance. When your prepaid hours credit drops to less than 20% of your initial purchase your account manager will advise you so that you can consider a top-up purchase before the balance is exhausted.


In order to provide iCare pro-active and ongoing support services, ISW will require:

  • Controlled remote and onsite access to applications and computer systems;
  • Access to customer staff and stakeholders required to perform the support services, and
  • Monthly review meetings with your Account Executive.

For more information on how iCare can be tailored to your ongoing requirements, please contact your nearest ISW office.