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ELO Australia
Electronic information management from ELO gives you a first-class infrastructure for efficient business operations.
ELO Australian Partner - ISW

ELO offers a broadly diversified portfolio of solutions for invoice management, mobile working, ERP integration, solutions designed for specific processes such as in HR departments, and much more. ISW is your Australian partner for the ELO solutions.

ELO Solution Areas


The enterprise content management system ELOenterprise is compatible with all systems and guarantees unlimited access to your information at any time.

To be successful in today's business environment, large organisations and corporations need to implement efficient and largely automated processes. These processes are often highly complex, which calls for a state-of-the-art, powerful system architecture. Not only that, but businesses have to be equipped to deal with vast amounts of information, which must be structured and accessible to all.

ELOenterprise has a solid and scalable platform architecture specifically developed to meet these challenges. ELOenterprise ECM is the chosen solution for administrative bodies and organisations that operate on a global scale.

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ELO Professional

The enterprise content management system ELOprofessional provides you with all the functions you need to effectively manage, quickly access, and securely control information throughout its entire life cycle.

To streamline processes and improve productivity, information needs to be readily accessible. Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions deliver the foundation for businesses to meet such requirements.

ELOprofessional is a solution portfolio that lets you get the most out of your information and processes — for efficiency and transparency company-wide.

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Why choose ISW as your australian elo implementation partner?


  • ISW, as your Certified ELO Business Partner, is able to integrate ELO with your core applications including ERP, e-mail (Office 365), CRM, CAD, SharePoint and CAD.

ELO Software-as-a-Service

  • ISW is able to offer ELO for electronic content management &/or document management as a Private Cloud service providing document security and lower infrastructure costs. 

ELO Local Support & Development

  • ISW has offices in Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane and is able to offer local services and professional software engineering to meet your business needs.