Cloud Cat

- Cloud Civil Asset Management Technology

An exciting collaboration

“As an industry, we need to develop smarter, more cost effective ways of extending the lives of the public assets that we’ve got. I believe artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have a major role to play.”
— Tim Gardner, Stornoway

Cloud CAT (CCAT) is a joint venture between Stornoway and ISW to develop technology solutions for civil asset (incl. roads, rail, water systems and power systems) owners and managers that support improved asset management, operation and maintenance performance.  CCAT combines the civil industry knowledge of Stornoway with the software development and system integration capability to ISW.

Both partners to this initiative are multi-awarded and recognised as market leaders in their fields.


Civil asset owners have a particular set of challenges that are not going to be met ba business-as-usual approach to asset management and maintenance.

  • The rate of asset deterioration is outstripping the capacity to fund asset renewal.

  • The cost of assessing asset health - both short and long term - is expensive.

  • Many asset owners are struggling to attract and retain adequately experienced asset managers.

While civil asset management and maintenance methodologies have progressed over the years, they have remained broadly unchanged over decades. Now, with the rapid development of machine-learning and cognitive processing technologies, there are new opportunities for disruption in this space.


The opportunity is presented through the increasing accessibility and greatly reduced cost of technologies associated with data sensing, connectivity, cloud infrastructure, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. All of this can be used to support improved asset management and maintenance decision making.

Of particular significance is the availability of software as a service, reducing the need for significant capital investment in hardware and software with the ever-present risk of redundancy.

Importantly, with ISW a longstanding and respected IBM partner, CCAT will leverage the software platforms, development capability and global reach of IBM to bring advanced machine-learning technology to this age-old industry.


This system allows an asset register to be automatically and consistently maintained, with defects flagged for appropriate response such as maintenance prioritisation and scheduling. The cost of update management is reduced whilst the value of the asset register is increased significantly.

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